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    Create a life-time
    comfort zone
    for you and your baby.

    We offer the most essential and best
    products for your happiness.
    Happiness is
    your and your baby's smile.

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    Allow your body and
    to breathe freely
    in nature.

    We love nature. It enhances your vitality and
    brings you
    peace of mind.

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    Enjoy the fortune of
    having a new
    definition of
    a luxurious life with us.

    We simply reflect your desire to experience a
    care-free life with
    premium everyday products.

Innovative marketing company.
Redefines “Luxury” in daily products.
Gives equal opportunity to the consumers.

Every mother wants to give the best products to their babies.
Even though she can’t afford it, she tries to provide them for their children.
We deeply understand this “love” and try to give them an equal opportunity.
Through our innovative marketing strategy we changed the conventional
market paradigm to our philosophy.​

  • Premium Quality

    to provide Comfort

    In 2016, we found the best diaper in the world and started distributing it to the Korean market.
    In 2018, we launched our baby wipes which have the best quality in the world.
    In 2019, we are launching baby cosmetics, female hygiene products, incontinence products
    and household cleaning products, which are made in Europe and of the best quality.
  • Innovative Marketing

    to offer a better Price

    In 2016, we started sales through our off-line channels first.
    However, we found so much wrong information which was driven by
    major brands’ marketing strategies to maximize their company’s profits.
    We executed our innovative marketing through our know-how and had immense success in the Korean market.
    We are always trying innovative and advanced marketing / communication strategies
    to save cost and share the profits with our consumers
  • Transparent Process

    to gain deeper Trust

    We believe transparency is the most important element to gain the consumer’s trust.
    We provide all information on the raw materials we use, the manufacturing process, and toxic analyses we conduct.
    Today, we are partnering with qualified laboratories to analyze all of
    our current and future products to verify the ingredients’ harmlessness.
    We don’t offer any products to our consumers that don’t meet those standards.

“Common Luxury”

We believe true luxury is providing you
with comfort that makes you feel
sublime and relaxed.

By using our products, you feel more
comfortable in your daily life.

No need to spend a fortune, everyone
deserves to have this everyday luxury.

Our priority is to share this comfort and
offer equal opportunities to you.

Our Mission

We create new values
in life beyond the obvious.

We aim to make you feel the comfort in life with the trust from all of our product ranges.
Our innovative marketing strategy allows you to use the best-quality products at an affordable price.
In this way, we make you enjoy our definition of “common luxury”.

Sharing our values and happiness with you is of the utmost importance to us.

Our Brand

We started offering child care products because we understand parents’ love.
We expanded our range to share this love with all family members.

  • Launching

    New Brand
    Baby Cosmetic Products

    in 2019

  • Launching

    New Brand
    Adult Hygiene Products

    in 2019

  • Launching

    New Brand
    Family Products

    in 2019

Join us

Join our team and
share your love with us.

Kindoh GmbH Dircksenstr. 45, 10178 Berlin,